Charles P Murray Middle


Take Flight!





English Language Learners (ELLs) will participate in the ACCESS for ELLs the week of  1/29-2/2. Sessions will be provided for students who are absent on administration day/s. 



Murray's Upcoming Testing Dates

  NCCI Dates
4/22 6th Math, 7th and 8th ELA
4/24 8th Science
4/25 6th Reading, 7th and 8th Math and Math I (Poetry Slam for SDA)
4/24 8th Science
4/26 Makeups (Plays, Special Olympics, CLDA)
  EOG Dates
5/22-5/29 NCExtend (SDA) - Can start 5 days before
5/22 6th Math, 7th and 8th ELA
5/23 6th Reading, 7th and 8th Math
5/24 8th Science
5/28 Make Ups
5/29 Make Ups
5/30 Spanish I Final Exam - Double Elective - Teacher Created Exam


More information regarding testing can be found at the NHCS Testing and Accountability Website. You can also see the NHCS Testing Calendar for the year. 


NCDPI has developed and released a guide looking at both informal and formal assessment that takes place across the state -  Family Assessment Guide . There is also a family video explaining Individual Score Reports