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Wireless Access Checkout

Laptops and Hotspots for Student Checkout

General Information
The County Technology Dept. has provided Murray Middle School with laptops and hotspots available for student checkout.  The hotspots will provide Internet access for those of you who do not have access at home.  The laptops may be checked out without the hotspot if you already have Internet access, but do not have a device available for you to complete your assigned work. Hotspots may also be checked out without the laptop if you already have a computer and only need Internet access. 
Before you check out either of these pieces of equipment, you will need to have your parents sign a permission slip for you to do so. 
The laptops and access points will be checked out for a two week period.
You may return it sooner than that if you do not need it for the full 2 weeks.
If you need it for a longer period to complete you assignment you must renew it for another two weeks. The device will turn itself off after two weeks if it is not renewed through checkout. 
Parental Form
The Parental agreement form must be turned in to the media center BEFORE either the Kajeet Access Point or the Laptop may be checked out.
Both student and parent MUST sign this form. It is a legally binding document.
If you do not have access to a printer, please let your teacher or the media specialist know and they can assist in getting you a printed copy of the form.