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Dress Code

Students will follow a standardized dress code established by NHCS Board Policy 8520. Reasonable accommodations on the basis of the student’s religious beliefs or medical conditions may be made. The principal can exempt a student from complying with part or all of this policy when compliance would impose a substantial burden due to a medical condition or the exercise of a sincerely held religious belief. The principal may request from the parent or guardian a written statement explaining the medical condition or religious belief and how it is affected by the standardized dress code.
The principal may also make reasonable accommodations for students to comply with the standardized dress code based on new students enrolling in the school. Reasonable accommodations and/or exceptions may be made in order to meet curriculum or safety requirements.

Dress Code

Students are expected to adhere to certain standards of cleanliness and dress that are compatible with the requirements of a productive and safe environment. Those standards generally acceptable to the community as appropriate in a formal school setting ordinarily will be the determining criteria governing student dress.
A student’s appearance, mode of dress, or condition of personal hygiene will not be permitted to disrupt the educational process or constitute a threat to the health or safety of others. When, in the judgment of the school principal, a student’s appearance or mode of dress disrupts the educational process or constitutes a threat to general health or safety, the student may be required to make necessary modifications.
In order to maintain a safe climate, students are not allowed to have in their possession chains that attach to wallets or keys or dog chains used as jewelry. They will be confiscated and not returned except to a parent or guardian.
Hats and any headgear must remain in lockers.
Please reference the New Hanover County Dress Code for a detailed Student Dress Code.

Students may use bookbags to transport materials to and from the school. During the school day, bookbags will be kept in student lockers. Students who violate the policy will be subject to discipline for insubordination.