Charles P Murray Middle


F3-Falcons Focused on the Future!


All About Charles P. Murray Middle School

Falcon Crest


Charles P. Murray

Charles P. Murray was a medal of honor winner. He was very proud of having a school named after him and made many visits to Murray Middle School to meet students until his health prevented him from making the trip. 

Opening Day

Murray opened August of 2001 to students.  In September, the dedication ceremony was held and Colonel Charles P. Murray and his wife were present. 

First Principal

Dr Smith

Murray's first Principal was Dr. Lachawn Smith.  Dr. Smith is currently serving as Assistant Superintendent of  Instruction and Academic Accountability for NHCS. 

Important Facts

School Colors

The school colors are black and silver. 

Black represents: Power, mystery,  sophistication, elegance, depth, and style. 

Silver represents:  Kindness, sensitivity, resourcefulness, success, creativity, and forward thinking. 


The Falcon is our mascot.

Falcons represent power, wisdom, and guardianship. The Falcon is a bird that is proud and dignified. It also has great courage. 

Core Values

The four Rs
  • Respectful: showing politeness or admiration for someone. 
  • Receptive: being open to learning something new, to listening to the ideas of others, being willing to accept suggestions.
  • Responsible: having a duty to accomplish goals or tasks, and for doing the right thing. 
  • Resourceful:  having the ability to deal with new situations and circumstances and being innovative enough to create solutions to any problems encountered. 



F3-Falcons Focused on the Future!

Did You Know?


HBO used the exterior of Murray and the cafeteria in the television series Eastbound and Down


Murray and Ashley students in France

In 2009, Murray and Ashley students and teachers visited Kaysersburg, France. Kayserburg was the town Col. Charles P Murray saved in WWII. His heroism in Kayserburg was part of the reason he was rewarded with the Medal of Honor. 


The movie The Marc Pease Experience was filmed at Murray. 

The set trailers were set up in the back parking lot next to the recess area.  One day during recess one of Ben Stiller's representatives came out and asked teachers if they could keep the kids quiet because "Mr. Stiller was sleeping."