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Charles P Murray Middle


F3-Falcons Focused on the Future!


Falcon Online Learning

The NHCS Instructional Services Team has created a K-12 supplemental learning web page for parents, accessible at, to access resources to support student learning through Friday, May 15. These resources will need to be either printed at home or picked up from any school location and will be available at all schools and meal service locations. 

Click here to watch a video that explains Murray's approach to online learning.  


Don't forget to check your individual teacher's web pages for specific information and learning support for your classes. 

Low tech math problems for remote learning for math practice at all grade levels. 

Student Reminders for Distance Learning

Click Here for more information on NHCS expectations for online learning. 



Having trouble remembering your Google login and school gmail address?  It looks like this: and is your computer login name at

Not familiar with Google Hangouts? Click this link to watch a video that can help. 

Take a Code Break!

Your weekly dose of inspiration, community, and computer science. Every Wednesday at 1pm EST

Like Chain Reaction Machines? 

Check out this family fun Rube Goldberg Wash Your Hands Challenge! 

More information on the RG Challenge. Deadline May 31st. 



UNCW Engineering Expectations is challenging kids and families to engineer a prototype face mask with items found in their home.  Just like the Apollo 13 mission astronauts who experienced a most extreme form of social isolation in space along with hostile environmental conditions due to a buildup of CO2, you can only use supplies that you can find in your house (or spaceship) to engineer a solution.

For Help

If you are having issues with an NHCS device please contact the Student Help Desk at 910-254-4440


No Grades ≠ No Accountabilty

  • You are expected to complete and turn in your assignments. 
  • You will be expected to have mastered the standards and objectives of your courses in order for you to be prepared for your coursework next year. 
  • Imagine your first day of school in your new courses. You are in a new grade level, but you are behind your classmates who did their work. Now you have to work twice as much to catch up. It is harder to catch up than it is to stay on track. 
  • Think of it as a video game you love to play. All your friends are playing it. You have spent hours playing and you want to keep playing. You hit a challenging quest. Do you stop in the middle because it is hard or do you keep trying until you get it done?  If you quit you get no rewards and no new skills. The next quest requires the skills and gear that you didn't get, so you have to get it done to move on. 
  • How do you do it? You keep trying. You persevere. You reach out for help. Your classmates, friends, and teachers are all there for you. 

Links to Lessons

Digital Citizenship

Online Safety for Students: not all our students were able to participate in all 5 Digital Citizenship presentations. Here are links available for students who would like to review or complete for credit (also available under Items of Interest on the Murray Homepage). 

Rising 7th & 8th Grade Elective Registration