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Welcome Back to Online Learning at Murray

Welcome Back to Online Learning at Murray

Parents and students, Welcome back to online learning!  We will begin new content with online learning tomorrow, April 14.  Your teachers have their Google Classrooms and Canvas platforms ready to go for the rest of this week.  We have also distributed more than 100 devices, so students should be ready to go tomorrow. Students you will be expected to log in and participate in online learning.  If you do not have access to a device or access to wifi, and this is preventing you from participating in online learning, please contact the school and we can assist you with both of these roadblocks for online learning.  If you are needing immediate access for wifi service there are several school locations that allow access outside of the building including Murray/Minnie Evans Campus. Included is a link to other schools that have outdoor wifi access.  Get outside, enjoy the fresh air, follow 6 feet social distancing guidelines and get started with your online courses.