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Take Flight!


Unified Falcons Raise Money for Special Olympics

Unified Falcons Raise Money for Special Olympics


Polar Plunge Spongebob Challenge Complete.

We raised $678.79 for Special Olympics of New Hanover County.

Way to go, Falcons!



Thanks to Squidward aka Mr. Marisco for supporting our fundraising efforts with song.

Mr. Marsico helps raise funds for Unified Falcons

We are so close to reaching our goal for our Murray Falcons' Special Olympics fundraiser!  Please continue to send your child with $1.00 donations for tomorrow, Thursday, February 13th for a chance to win a cupcake party for their last block class delivered by Plankton aka Dr. Fink!



Coach Bennett aka Patrick found himself in a pineapple under the sea as he and our AMAZING students raised almost $100.00 today for Special Olympics.  Next challenge tomorrow!  Bring your $1.00 bills to support our mission to raise $400.00 by this Friday--Valentine's Day!


students greet coach