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Parent Survey for Plan B

Parent Survey for Plan B
  1. Parents, we need your help to prepare for our potential transition to Plan B at the beginning of the 2nd grading period.  Under Plan B, students will be returning to face-to-face instruction in a rotation of three groups.  Families will have three options

    • “Remote & Rotating” - Student comes to school 1 week and then is remote for 2 weeks. Students in this category will be assigned a week rotation and follow that week's schedule

    • “Remote & Remain Home” - Student remains at home. Core classes will be accessed via Google Classroom and students are expected to attend synchronously via Zoom. This option is very similar to Plan C during the 1st grading period

    • “Virtual Academy” - Student remains at home. Core classes will be accessed asynchronously online via Edgenuity. Elective classes are in Google Classroom.

Included is a survey link asking you to give us feedback on your plans for your students during Plan B.  We realize that this transition will not take place until the second grading period begins October 6, but we will need this information to help us plan for students potential return.  Thank you so much for your help.  We will need all families to complete this survey.