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All County Chorus

All County Chorus

The NHCS Middle School All-County Chorus clinic and concert recording will be taking place at the Minnie Evans Arts Center on October 22nd. This clinic and recording will last from 9am until 5:30pm.

The following 7th and 8th grade students are involved in All-County and will be participating in this event:

7th Grade

  • Lillian LaQuay
  • Grace Ferrell / Singler
  • Mia Eason
  • Elena Palermi
  • Abby White
  • Isabella Wibberley
  • Shia Everroad
  • Lyla Qureshi
  • Chase Spinola
  • Harper Harris

8th Grade

  • Kristian Meeks
  • Vayda LeQuire
  • Ava Allen
  • Maia Gomez
  • Cassidy Fisher
  • May Paige Mott
  • Zoe Olski
  • Sarah Hales
  • Reese Stutz
  • Isla De Cerqueira
  • Kylie Tedder
  • Laila Kanaana
  • Kandice Gruss
  • Eva Perry