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7th Place Finish at Regionals for Falcon Science Olympiad Team!

7th Place Finish at Regionals for Falcon Science Olympiad Team!

The 2019 Science Olympiad results are in and Falcons took 7th overall at the regional competition. Forty teams from schools in Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover, and Pender Counties competed at UNCW Saturday, March 2nd in 23 different events. 

Falcon SO Head Coaches accept trophy

Individual winners from Murray include: 

  • 3rd place Amazing Mechatronics - Logan Church, Walker Cockerham
  • 2nd place Anatomy & Physiology - Carter Conroy, Lydia Cromartie
  • 1st place Boomilever - Eli Clamme, Caden Doughten
  • 3rd Place Boomilever - Alex Chappell, Tory Greene
  • 3rd place Circuit Lab - Eli Clamme, Abigail Goodwin
  • 7th place Circuit Lab - Micah Coniglio, Alex Grant
  • 3rd place Density Lab - Makalia Baker-Gray, Walker Cockerham
  • 9th place Density Lab - Alex Chappell, Maya Roseboro
  • 2nd place Disease Detectives - Abigail Goodwin, Martine Hayes
  • 4th place Disease Detectives -Mike Izzo, Avery Walton
  • 1st place Duct Tape Challenge- Reese Priddle, Christopher Branco
  • 4th place Duct Tape Challenge - Alex Chappell, Tory Greene
  • 3rd Place Dynamic Planet - Aidan Tingley, Joseph Lafontaine
  • 6th place Elastic Launch Glider - Mike Izzo, Carter Sutton
  • 3rd place Elastic Launch Glider - Robert Johnson, Aidan Tingley
  • 3rd place Herpetology - Martine Hayes, Robert Johnson
  • 9th place Meterology - Ciera Roseboro, Maya Roseboro
  • 2nd place Road Scholars - Christian Lesko, Eli Clamme
  • 5th place Roller Coaster -Rylan Harris, Abby Syster
  • 4th place Solar Systems - Avery Walton, Nico Vingner
  • 3rd place Thermodynamics - Nadia Kasell, Lydia Cromartie

Congratulations to all the members of the Falcon Science Olympiad Teams!